Liber y Liber Project

 1 March 2019 | In-depth information

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Liber y Liber LiberLAB tender (D.D.S. no. 1161 of 17.11.2016) - Financial support for publishers on projects geared towards the internationalisation of the market for publications concerned with Sardinia’s language and culture POR FESR 2014-2020 Action 3.4.1.

Liber y Liber Project

Liber y Liber is a project created by the Associazione Editori Sardi, implemented as part of the 2014-2020 unified programme, funded through Sardinia Region’s LiberLAB tender.

The objective is to promote the internationalisation and competitiveness of independent Sardinian publishing houses and raise the profile of Sardinia’s language and culture in the target EU countries.
The project encompasses the following activities:

  • Publishing network: supporting member publishers through participation in the main trade fairs and the staging of local development events
  • Trading of rights through the organisation of exhibition/markets in Sardinia
  • Marketplace: creation of a web platform for the buying and selling of rights to the translation and/or marketing of works published in Sardinia, in Italian and minority languages, for the Spanish, French, German and Eastern European markets.

Project Manager: Simonetta Castia